PAS Labuan urge the government to consider the people’s welfare

LABUAN (July 21, 2016): Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS) Labuan is firmly against any government drastic move that is perceived as burdening the people.

Labuan PAS Chief, Hamir Zahari told that the people here in this island had recently surprised with two issues those would be affecting their daily life.

“The first issue is the rate of the bank guarantee for Labuan-registered vehicles, which is high for the vehicles owners should they intend to drive the car to the mainland of Sabah,” he said.

Hamir told further that through the information that they received, the rates of the bank guarantee are:

20 percent for vehicle engine capacity (cc) for 1,600 and below

30 percent for vehicle engine capacity (cc) for 1,601–1,800

40 percent for vehicle engine capacity (cc) for 1,801–2,000, and

50 percent for vehicle engine capacity for 2001 and above

* The rates of the bank guarantee are calculated based on the vehicles value estimation according to the year and the model as per declared.

Therefore, PAS Labuan urged the government to immediately abolish the new system.

“This issue should never arise again,” said Hamir.

Meanwhile, the second issue was regarding the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate that would be increased from six to eight percent on this coming October at nationwide.

Hamir said that both issues would surely make the people suffer more as the people here were already suffering enough after many of them lost their jobs due to the massive fall of the global oil price.

PAS Labuan told further that the duty of the leaders those were given mandate by the people were to seek solution to help the people.

“The power, facilities, allowances and comfort enjoyed by the leaders are for them to think for solution and to help the people to have better life,” he said, while saying that not to put leakages problem in the management and to put the economic burden on the people’s shoulders.

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