New customs rule is not practical and unfair

Hajah Fauziah Datuk Mohd. Din.

LABUAN (July 23, 2016): The new system in issuing bond for the Labuan-registered vehicle should have been implemented in 2014 but was postponed after receiving negative feedbacks from the people.

The member of Labuan Corporation Advisory Council, Hjh. Fauziah Datuk Mohd. Din spoke that she who was also the chairperson for Labuan Consumer Action Council submitted a letter to Labuan Customs Department to postpone the new system implementation then.

“We found out that the system was difficult and not practical for the people here in this island. The vehicle (duty-free) owners must put some fixed deposit in bank before the bank could issue bond as bank guarantee to the Customs Department to enable the vehicle owners to bring their vehicles to outside Labuan,” she said, adding that a fixed deposit amounted RM9,000 for example was big.

She said further that if the department intended to implement the system to curb the smuggling of the duty-free cars from this island to outside Labuan, they must enhance their enforcement without affecting the other vehicle owners’ interest.

“If only two or three persons committed such crime, why all of us must be penalized for such thing? If there is any individual that did not return back to Labuan, this individual alone that they must locate.

“Such person only that should be penalized and not by taking easy solution by implementing the new system. They can advertise anywhere such as in local newspaper to locate such individual.

“They can give reward for a person who can locate the individual’s vehicle that exceeding the limit to stay outside Labuan. I believe many people is willingly to help,” she said.

She added that the new system was unfair as how about the people that do not have sufficient cash to pay for the bond as bank guarantee.

Meanwhile, Labuan PAS Chief, Hamir Zahari told that such system was oppressive, as how about if there was an emergency case, for example sickness, which urging the vehicle owner to go to Kota Kinabalu immediately, where he or she could get the cash to pay for the bond?

The people here in this island are worried if the new system was implemented soon and it was believed that many of the duty-free vehicles’ owners here were against such implementation, as majority of them adhering the customs law to not exceeding the limit of days to stay outside Labuan.

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