The body of the missing boy discovered

Photo above: The boat where the trio were playing before it was capsized due to the strong wave. 

July 23, 2016

LABUAN – The body of the 11-year-old victim, Aiman Ashraf Rashid was discovered near the coast of Papan Island on 7.39am today.

He was reported missing after a strong wave coming to the boat where he and his two other friends were playing on Friday around the beach next to Taman Arena Kampung Kerupang.

The director of Labuan Fire and Rescue Department, Jainal@Zainal Madasin told that they received the distress call to inform about the incident around 3.56pm.

“It was reported that the strong wave that suddenly came had capsized the boat where the other two friends were saved and trying to rescue the victim but failed due to the strong wave.

“They then went to the victim’s house to tell the mother about the incident,” he said, adding that the search and rescue was later done and joined by the police, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, Malaysian Civil Defence Deparment and the fire and rescue volunteers.

IMG_4999 copy
The fire and rescue personnel carry the body of the victim.

According to an officer of Labuan Fire and Rescue Department, some villagers did offer their help at night to search for the victim and there was a villager who was using his kayak for that purpose.

The search and rescue operation was stopped at 11.10pm and continued today at 6am where the body of the deceased was finally found by the villagers those joining the search and rescue mission, before the body was then handed over to the fire and rescue personnel.

The location distance between the discovered body and the place where the victim and his two other friends were playing on yesterday was around one to two kilometers.

Jainal advised the parents to monitor their children those playing at the sea or beach to avoid the similar incident from happening again.

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