Labuan has received some international recognition – Rozman

Photo above: The UN Beach in Sungai Miri. 

July 27, 2016

LABUAN – Labuan Island has received some international recognition for its tourism industry said Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli on yesterday.

Speaking before the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Southeast Asia 2016 dinner held at the main hall of Palm Beach Resort and Spa, he spoke that one of the landmarks in Labuan, the Chimney, had received an award from Green Apple Organization from London under Built Environment and Architectural Heritage where the monument was restored using its original materials and successfully preserved until now.

“Six beaches in Labuan have been named a United Nation (UN) Beach ever since after the award won by Labuan in 2008 for the United Nation Environment Programme.

“The six beaches stretching in 9 kilometers are also listed in the by an Australian author after the beaches were selected among the 101 best beaches in Asia.

“Those beaches located in the western coast of Labuan, which make them as the longest sunset can be viewed and enjoyed by the visitors,” he said.

He spoke further that Labuan World War II Memorial had been nominated as the most visited place in Labuan and ranked number four as Malaysia Landmark by Trip Advisor.

Rozman did also highlight about the Peace Park that was built by the Japanese in Kampung Layang-Layangan to commemorate the end of World War II where such park was only built in three locations (the other two were in Japan and South Africa).

“Our marine park is still virgin and untouched. The Rusukan Island located around Labuan waters is simply known by the local as the corpse island because it looks like a man lying on the ground from the distance.

“Labuan Island itself is pristine and serene. This island is considered having minimum rate of crime,” he said, adding that the hospitality among the people of the island was an advantage for the local tourism industry.

Meanwhile, Rozman told about the commitment of Labuan Corporation (LC) to support China project all the way by improving the tourism facilities and to build the necessary infrastructure here for the tourists’ convenience.

“In terms of promotion, we will go aggressively towards the China market and to other Southeast Asia countries. We are also keen to attract the visitors from Brunei to Labuan.

“On destination marketing, we seek the assistance of every agency and individual to give contribution and support to make Labuan a tourist destination,” he said.

Labuan had been selected for the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Southeast Asia 2016 for the photo shoot venue where the programme was organized by White Fairy.

Rozman who thanked White Fairy and LMB Global for the continuous support hoped that through the collaboration, Labuan would be seen and highlighted as one of the must visit destinations in Southeast Asia.

“We will soon see some Chinese tourists strolling around Labuan once the chartered flight took place,” he said.

White Fairy will create awareness about charity to help poor children to go to school where sponsors and donors those interested to donate for Labuan charity fund will contact directly to Yayasan Pembangunan Labuan (Labuan Development Foundation).

In his speech, Rozman briefed about the foundation where it was first established on January 3, 2014 by using Labuan Development Foundation name with a purpose to take care of the people’s welfare through education.

The educational programme provided under the foundation were including learning and training to those who were less fortunate financially.

Then, on October 29, last year, Labuan Education Foundation name had been changed by using its current name, as the scope was not confining to purely education, but also including entrepreneurship development training in the form of investment to aid to the poor those interested to start a business.

Its main activities covering charity programme to provide temporary homes owned by Yayasan Pembangunan Labuan, adult education classes, helping poor children to go to school and to collaborate with education agencies for development of education in Labuan.

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