Seven fishermen rescued after their boat sunk.

Photo above: The MMEA Labuan officer shakes hand with the security officer in the oil platform for the goodwill done by them. Also seen are the victims at the back.  

August 3, 2016

LABUAN – Seven crews of a fishing boat was rescued at an oil platform located in 80 nautical miles from Labuan after their boat sunk due to the bad weather at last night.

The spokesperson for Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Labuan today told to the media that they received the distressed call on 8.15am from the oil platform security officer to inform about the incident.

“They informed us that the workers in the oil platform found and rescued the seven victims those clinging under the oil platform where it is believed that their fishing boat was pounded by the huge waves around 3.30am.

“A helicopter 9M-SLM carrying two officers of MMEA Labuan was flown from Labuan Airport to the oil platform to bring all the victims to Labuan. We could not use our patrol boat due to the bad weather and the distance is too far,” he said.

According to one of the victims, he spoke that their boat was pounded by the huge waves before it suddenly sunk, but they managed to save their lives to the nearby oil platform.

All of those victims were Robin Munding aged 25, Aksan Ahmad aged 34, Toron Abg Ghani aged 47, Besar Munding aged 19, Roslan Penanti aged 25, Bernard Muin aged 29 and Arsit Jiltani aged 42.

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The victims are boarding into the helicopter to return to Labuan.

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