MPPWPL to close the gap of development in Labuan – Rozman

Photo above: Rozman (front at fourth right), Yunus (front third left) and Bungso (front third right) are seen with the eight sub zones’ chairmen after the handing over of the appointment letters at Labuan Corporation Tower.

August 4, 2016

LABUAN – Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli told that the leaders must know their responsibility in serving the people to ensure the continuous development and for the people’s well-being here in this island.

Speaking before handing over the appointment letters to the representatives of Majlis Perwakilan Penduduk Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan (MPPWPL) on Wednesday, he spoke that the representatives were selected based on their high credibility in the society.

“The reason for the establishment of this council is to make the local government administration here becomes more efficient. There are many challenges and issues those we need to address and solve.

“It is already 32 years after Labuan declared as a federal territory, but there are still many issues, yet we will continue to find their solutions. With the new structure (MPPWPL) in our administration, we hope that we can do major things in addressing those issues,” he said.

He recalled that this island was having 27 villages, but not all areas in Labuan were under those villages which contributed to the development inequality in this island.

“We hope that with this new structure of MPPWPL, the gap of development between areas in Labuan will become smaller,” he said.

Rozman told further that those selected leaders must think in how to serve the people.

“We might give a poor family with some cash and a PPRT house, but it is not enough to bring them out from their poverty zone. They are like a drowning person where we cannot give them the life buoy only and let them save themselves, instead of we must pull them to reach for safety on the land.

“We need more systematic approach with the right intention to help the poor here. That is why I ordered the socio-economic committee to be set up to integrate and coordinate in solving such problem,” he said.

He then pointed out that the MPPWPL would channel out the people’s problems to the government, while they were also channeling the government’s policies to the people.

Meanwhile, he reminded that today, the resources of this country was not as big as before. Therefore, he urged MPPWPL to use the resources prudently.

For Federal Territory of Labuan, there are eight sub zones with 13 to 15 members of MPPWPL comprising its chairmen, secretaries and committee members where they were appointed for two-year service (2016-2017).

While, Bungso Mohamad was appointed as the chairman for Labuan Zone.

On July 25 to 26 this year, the MPPWPL had participated in the leadership, administration and finance course organised by the federal territory ministry and Labuan Corporation.

Each outlined programme by the federal territory ministry for the MPP are based on five cores namely security, unity and well-being, economy and entrepreneurship, human capital, education and ICT, sport and recreation, and health, cleanliness and environment.

Also present was Senator Datuk Yunus Kurus.

ROZMAN (second right) hands over the appintment letter to Bungso as the chairman for MPPWPL. Looking on is Yunus (left) and an official of Labuan Corporation.

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