Man cheated death despite the total loss condition of his car

Photo above: The Proton Wira car that turned turtle after the accident in Tambunan. Whilst, the front side of the nearby shop is seen cracked due to the hit by the car.

August 6, 2016

TAMBUNAN – A man in his 40’s cheated death when his Proton Wira car smashed into a nearby shop before the car turned turtle at Kintuntul Junction here on last night.

According to a witness, the incident occurred around 8pm where the victim was driving under alcohol influence.

“The driver and the other passenger in the car were all saved and not seriously injured, but they suffered some cuts and bruises in heads, hands and legs,” said the witness, adding that the victim was living in Tambunan.

It is learnt that the driver had lost control before ramming into the shop building.

The photo of the badly damaged car was viral in social media where some netizens speculated the driver must have been killed due to the total loss condition of the vehicle.

However, the victims were reported stable after they were sent to Tambunan Hospital after the accident.

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