Smuggled items from Labuan seized in Menumbok Ferry Terminal

August 7, 2016

LABUAN – A total of RM116,307 worth of items from Labuan had been confiscated by the marine police from a lorry at Menumbok Ferry Terminal on yesterday at 1.50pm.

Among the items confiscated were including liquors (RM63,507), cigarettes (RM10,800) and batik fabrics (RM42,000).

The spokesperson for Labuan Marine Police, ACP Mohamad Madun today told to the media that two local men were detained in the operation and the eight-tonne Nissan lorry (estimated value RM120,000) laden with the confiscated items was also seized by the marine police.

“Based on public tip-off, our seven personnel (four in patrol boat unit and three in intelligence unit) managed to stop the lorry and made the check at the ferry terminal.

“Our personnel found those items loaded inside the lorry where they are believed smuggled from Labuan into the mainland of Sabah,” he said.

He told further that the case was against the Customs Act 1967, Section 135 (1)(d).

While, Mohamad said further that the marine police would continue and enhance their operation from time to time to fight against the illegal activities whereas the public cooperation such as by sharing information was really important for the success of their operation.



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