Unity in Labuan is strong and should become role-model at nationwide – Rozman

Photo above: Rozman (second right) flags-off a group of Harley Davidson bike riders to launch the programme. Also seen are Bashir (right) and the other VIPs.  

August 14, 2016

LABUAN – Labuan should become a role-model for unity at nationwide, said Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli.

In his speech during the launching of the national month and wave the flag programme at bus terminal here on yesterday, he told that the unity here in Labuan is very strong and solid among the people.

“In this world today, the challenge is different and much more complicated. Previously, our enemy is very clear such as the communists, but now we are in a new era with different kind of enemy in this borderless world.

“The foreign ideology that can influence the minds of certain individuals here in this country such as the Daesh and IS is fatal.

“The social media is also having its potential to influence this country’s unity. The certain groups those with interests could poison the people’s mind through social media,” he said.

He said further that this country’s unity was important to ensure the country is strong to defeat any threat.

Meanwhile, Rozman spoke about the yesterday’s programme that it could instil the unity and patriotism among the people where it must be taken seriously, as it was only done once in a year.

“All of us should wave the flags, while not waiting for any order to do so and not waiting for free flags to be given to us. Previously, the flags are being given free. But, now we must buy on our own to show our patriotism.

“In developed countries, the flags are not free. The people in those countries purchase their own flags to show their patriotism especially during their national days, while the countries are capable to buy the flags for their people,” he said.

He explained further that if a leader had to buy all the flags for the people, he would focus how to buy the flags and would not focus to think for much better ideas for his people.

“A leader must focus to develop a country and it is unhealthy system if we pressured our leader to seek for fund to buy the flags for us,” he said, adding that individuals intended to sponsor the flags might do so, but they must contribute to create healthy system for the people’s benefits.

Also present was the chairman of Labuan Corporation Advisory Council, Datuk Bashir Alias.

The demonstration by the army during the programme launching.

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