Headmaster and teacher drowned in Rampayan, Kota Belud

Foto: The rescued victims with their family members.

August 22, 2016

KOTA BELUD – Two out of 10 passengers on the capsized wooden boat at the estuary of Sungai Rampayan here had died in an incident occurred on yesterday.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Sabah and Labuan regional director, First Admiral Mohd. Zubil Mat Som spoke that the two victims were the headmaster and teacher of SK Mantanani.

“The headmaster was identified as Limun Gamburud aged 48 from Kota Belud, while the teacher as Kamariah Hamdan aged 47,” he said, adding that they received the distressed call to inform about the incident at 4.35pm.

It was learnt that seven of the victims were in unconscious condition before they were rushed to the hospital where the boatman was in conscious, while the headmaster was still missing then.

The teacher who was killed was pronounced dead in Hospital Kota Belud, while the headmaster was dead when his body was found.

Mohd. Zubil told that among those in the boat were the boatman, his son, four islanders of Mantanani and four teachers including the two killed in the incident.

It was reported that the four teachers supposed to ride on their rented boat for the schoolteachers at SK Mantanani to go and fro between Mantanani Island and the mainland of Sabah at Kota Belud.

But, the rented boat could not sail out from the island to Rampayan, Kota Belud to fetch the teachers due to the bad weather.

An MMEA officer who involved in the operation today spoke to Labuan Times that the four teachers had to ride on the boat owned by a villager from Mantanani Island with free of charge to go back to the island, as it was a working day on the next day (today).

“The location of the incident is not far from the jetty at Rampayan and it is learnt that the engine boat was broken before it was pounded by huge waves, which resulted the boat to overturn.

“The bodies of the headmaster and teacher had been claimed by their family at the hospital last night,” he said, adding that most of the victims had been discharged from the hospital today and some still in wards.

Some of the villagers’ boats were also seen helping the authority in the search and rescue operation.

Those in the boat were Edilis Alagi (62-year-old boatman), Salfah Rina Ruhili (31-year-old teacher), Jouris Radun (32-year-old teacher), Rina Saik Muhammad (35-year-old villager), Hussin Hanafiah (40-year-old villager), Noraidil Wahada (11-year-old), Mohd. Akhir Irwan Shah Hussin (eight-year-old), Mohd. Azawaie Edilis (17-year-old) and the two drowned headmaster and teacher.

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