Labuan with longest sunset view as dubbed by the tourists

Photo above: Layang-Layangan Beach.

September 6, 2016

Labuan has been dubbed as an island with the ‘longest sunset view’ by the visitors to this duty-free island.

An officer of Labuan Corporation Tourism, Culture and Arts Department told recently that even though the title was yet recognized by any official body, as it was just dubbed by the tourists coming to this island, but the stunning view of the beaches here especially during the sunset should not be missed out by the tourists coming to this island.

“Some of the visitors recalled their visits to Langkawi and Bali after they have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset views in the United Nation Beach here which stretched in 9km from Batu Manikar to Sungai Miri Beach,” said the officer.

Some pictures below are describing the sunset views along the beach:-

Pohon Batu Beach.
Sungai Miri Beach.
Sungai Miri Beach.
Sungai Lada Beach.
Batu Manikar Beach.
Sungai Miri Beach.
The Snake Island can be seen from Layang-Layangan Beach.
Sungai Pagar Beach.
Pancur Hitam Beach.

All photos above are credited to Labuan Corporation Tourism, Culture and Arts Department.


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