Labuan Shipyard and Engineering will assist the authority over theft case in its yard

Photo: The stolen power cable from LSE’s yard.

September 7, 2016

LABUAN – Labuan Shipyard and Engineering (LSE) Sdn. Bhd was aware about the recent theft incident that occurred in its secondary yard, Yard B involving power cables belonging to its clients.

LSE assistant manager for its chief executive officer office and corporate communication, Zyee F. Dullie told to the media today that the cables were stored by their clients in a designated open storage space facility which they were renting out at the premises.

“Based on our policy and agreement terms, the security of any property stored within the rented premises is under the responsibility of the respective tenants.

“LSE is giving full cooperation and support to the relevant authorities and parties to assist in the investigations,” she said, adding that their primary concern continued to be the safety of their people, clients and vendors within their premises.


She said further that they were ensuring zero theft or zero intrusions through the enforcement and implementation of stringent security measures and standards, together with the cooperation of our clients and vendors.

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