A total of RM972,470 smuggled cigarettes from Labuan confiscated at Lawas

Photo above: The MMEA personnel with the confiscated cigarettes and lorry.

September 17, 2016

LABUAN – Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Labuan had thwarted the smuggling activity of the duty-free cigarette at Lawas on last night.

The director of MMEA Labuan, Captain Maritime Che Adnan Md Isa today told to the media that the total value of the seized cigarettes was RM972,470.

“In about 9.50pm, our patrol boat had spotted and tracked a boat that we believed carrying smuggled items from Labuan heading to Lawas.

“After 40 minutes, the boat was seen docking into the bank of Sungai Merapok and there was a lorry with few men those were loading the smuggled cigarettes from the boat into the lorry.

“They did smell the presence of our personnel which prompted the boat and the men to flee,” he said, adding that they made a check inside the abandoned lorry that was loaded with cigarettes of Era brand.

He said further that all the smuggled items including the lorry were brought to Labuan Maritime Headquarters for investigation.

“We believe that some modus operandi have been using by those committed this crime and we do believe that this kind of activity is still on going.

“We will continue our work to fight against the smuggling activity here even though it is difficult to end the activity totally,” he said, adding that case was being investigated under Customs Act 1967.

The estimated value of the total confiscated items comprising the duty-free cigarettes and lorry was RM1,062,470.


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