Bank guarantee on 2,500 cc vehicles still a burden for Labuan folks – Rozman

Photo above: Rozman (front at second left) and the chief executive officer of Labuan Corporation, Azhar Ahmad (front at second right) push the wheelchairs of disabled persons (Oku) those participated in the National Sport Day. Also seen are the other participants. 

October 8, 2016

LABUAN – The bond system based on bank guarantee to be imposed on the vehicle with engine capacity 2,500 cc and above by the Customs Department was still a burden for the people here in this island said Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli today.

Speaking to the media, he told that the vehicle types with engine 2,500 cc was widely used by the people here in this island, as it was not categorized under luxury vehicles.

“I hope the requirement will be reviewed once again, as many of the vehicle owners of 2,500 cc here I believe are adhering the customs rule to go and fro between Labuan and Sabah.

“We too are not compromising if there is any individual was caught for breaking the customs rules,” he said after officiating the National Sport Day at Labuan Sport Complex.

Rozman who is also the chairman of Labuan Corporation says that the Customs Department is aware and enhancing their enforcement to curb the illegal activities here including the smuggling activity.

However, he thanked to the department for reviewing the policy to allow the duty-free vehicles to stay outside Labuan especially in Sabah for the whole 90 days in a year.

Previously, the duty-free vehicles had to return back to Labuan in the end of each month before resuming back their stay at outside Labuan to complete the 90 days stay.

Meanwhile, when asked about the recent success of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to seize huge some of cash from two Sabah government top officials for corruption, Rozman praised MACC for the action.

He spoke further that recently many efforts and successes recorded by MACC to curb the corruption even among the government top officials.

“Such efforts will improve this country efficiency in administration through healthy work culture. It highly contributes towards our country integrity that is important value for us to become a developed nation,” he said.

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