Taman Lazenda Miniville finally received its OC

October 12, 2016

LABUAN – Taman Lazenda Miniville that was formerly known as ex-Pelamin Garden had finally received the occupational certificate (OC).

The head committee of the house owners at the housing area, Yong Kai Bing on yesterday expressed their relief and gratitude to Labuan Development Authority (LDA) and Lazenda Development Sdn. Bhd for the success to gain the certificate.

“Without those help and guidance, we will never arrive to this milestone, despite struggling for the past 36 years,” he said who represented the owners of some 24 units house in the housing area.

Yong recalled that how Lazenda Development led by its director, Chai Tze Moo had been tirelessly leading the committee from the beginning in organizing meeting with LDA, Land Department and other relevant parties.

“Lazenda Development has given the house owners a very competitive price for the new houses. They also paid the upfront cost for the preparation of development plan and other relevant documents for submission to LDA.

“The completed houses are well-built with quality of both in workmanship and material,” he said and praised both LDA and Lazenda Development’s role in their contribution to the local community especially to the house owners.

Lazenda had undertaken the challenge to develop the difficult project until the OC was finally issued for the housing project.

A brief background behind the housing project – Pelamin Garden was the original name for the housing where it was approved then by Labuan Municipal Council (MPL) in 1980.

The project was built almost near to completion stage and later made redundant in 1983 after the Pelamin developer management failed to rectify the flooding problem in the housing area.

The flood was mainly caused by the under reclaim of the land level by several feet.

Majority of the loan from the bank had been released up to 95 percent during the stage of redundant.

Many attempts were made by the house owners over the last 25 years to revive the project, but all failed before it was finally turned out to be successful.

Among the efforts done were numerous meeting held with MPL, developer, lawyers, house owners, extra money spent by the house owners to engage with lawyer for negotiation and court case, and many letters were written to seek help to the community leaders, Member of Parliament and to the prime minister department.

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