Duo detained for being suspected to steal Asian Supply Base’s CCTV cable

PHOTO: The location of the CCTV cable.

October 27, 2016

LABUAN – Two suspects aged 28 and 44 had been remanded by the police for being suspected to steal the CCTV cable inside the Scomi warehouse.

Labuan Police Chief, Superintendent Adzhar Othman on yesterday told that the duo was working in the maintenance unit in the area.

“On October 19, three of the CCTV cameras in the Asian Supply Base (ASB), Jalan Patau-Patau here were not working.

“When the auxiliary police made the check at the previous Scomi warehouse inside ASB, they found out the eight-metre CCTV cable was cut and they suspected it was stolen.

“The loss due to the stolen cable is estimated at RM6,000,” he said, adding that the police had detained both suspects based on the CCTV record where the duo was in the location.

He said further that the suspects were remanded for four days and were being investigated under Section 431A Penal Code.

The CCTV cable that was cut.

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