MMEA Labuan disposed confiscated liquors worth RM13,500

PHOTO: The confiscated liquors to be disposed.

November 24, 2016

LABUAN – Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Labuan on yesterday had disposed some seized liquors at the landfill of Bukit Kalam here.

The director of MMEA Labuan, Captain Maritime Che Adnan Md. Isa told that those liquors of various brands amounted RM13,500 were confiscated from a ferry at the waters of Brunei Bay.

“All the items are disposed after the Magistrate Court here issued the letter on August 25 that the ownership on the liquors and ferry had been stripped off by the court.

“The ferry is now in its process to be auctioned,” he said, adding that there were three Malaysian and an Indonesian crews were detained by the personnel of MMEA Labuan on the ferry that carrying the smuggled liquors.

It was learned that the ferry that was stopped by the patrol boat of MMEA Labuan at the waters of Brunei Bay was in its way from Labuan to Limbang.

MMEA Labuan welcomed the cooperation from the members of public by informing MMEA Labuan about the smuggling activities and any activity that against the maritime laws of this country especially in Labuan waters.

To inform MMEA, they can contact MERS 999 or 087-427999.

The liquors are being disposed at the landfill.

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