True Knot: A mother feels grateful for her survived baby boy in Labuan Hospital

PHOTO: Babyneline holds her lucky baby boy, Bartholomew. Looking on are Babyneline’s husband, Michael Marik (left) and Dr. Eswaran (right) who shows the true knot photo he captured during the operation. 

December 5, 2016

WHAT a lucky mother who found out that her baby was experiencing a true knot (a knot formed by the fetus slipping through a loop of the umbilical cord) after she delivered her baby boy through operation.

Babyneline Kimpilid, a mother aged 31 delivered her fourth child at Labuan Hospital on July 14 this year, felt grateful as her baby boy survived as the knot was already tight which could threatened the baby’s life.

“I felt a bit nervous when I found out that I was pregnant again for the fourth child as I was just delivered a baby girl on last year. Then, I went to Labuan Hospital to check with the same doctor, Dr. Eswaran Sinusamy who previously operated me for my second and third delivery.

“He felt surprised as he did not expect me to be pregnant again that fast after my third delivery a few months ago. I asked him if my previous scar due to the operation was already recovered or not. After he checked it, he said it was already recovered and fine for me to be pregnant again where he told me that I might be operated earlier from my due date. 

“My first three children are all girls and I take risk to be pregnant again for the sake of a baby boy,” she said to the media recently.

While, Dr. Eswaran told that it was amazing as they only found out the knot after the baby was delivered through operation where the baby survived.

“How the true knot occurred is normally between fifth to sixth month of pregnancy, the fetus will take position where the head turns down. The chances to create the knot is there. Knots occur in about 1 in every 100 pregnancies, and in one of every 2,000 deliveries, the baby has a true knot that causes serious problems for example sudden death.

“It is not easy to detect the knot on the fetus, unless we have a 4D or detail scan. In Babyneline’s case, her baby was growing normal, but we have to do cesarean at her 36-week of pregnancy as previously she was being operated three times to deliver her babies.

“For Malaysian medical standard, a mother that deliver her babies through cesarean section is advised to undergo the operation for maximum, three times only. The next pregnancy is risky. The mother might experience uterine rupture due to repeated operation,” he said, adding that the doctor was trained not to check the umbilical cord during pregnancy unless there is risk involved.

The true knot on Bartholomew’s umbilical cord.

Before Babyneline’s case, Dr. Eswaran had encountered a similar case in Labuan Hospital, but the knot on the former baby was not that tight where the baby was born through normal process.

Meanwhile, when asked if there was an unusual feeling of her pregnancy, Babyneline who was working as a producer and DJ at Labuan FM told that she felt the baby movement was less active before her delivery, which prompted her to seek medical advice from Dr. Eswaran.

“I felt nervous when he (Dr. Eswaran) told me that I had to undergo the operation earlier while me and the fetus were in stable condition, and also to avoid the complication.

“I was worried that if I waited for my due date, I would experience scar tenderness and the risk of burst complication on my womb was high. From the scan (before the operation), the doctor only checked the baby’s gender and heart.

“He felt surprised to see the true knot when he pulled out the baby during the operation. He also felt grateful for the operation was done earlier, as unexpected thing might occur as the knot on the baby’s umbilical cord was already tightened,” she said, while commending the staffs in Labuan Hospital especially the doctors and nurses for their credibility. 

When asked for advice, Dr. Eswaran spoke that such case was unpreventable where pregnant mothers those experiencing reduced movement in their fetuses or not growing well, they must seek medical attention soon.

“He (Bartholomew Marvel Michael) is a lucky boy,” he said, adding that the reduced movement of the fetus was caused by some factors and one of them was true knot. 

He was able to take a photo on the baby’s true knot and shared the photo with the other doctors in Labuan Hospital, which drew their attention. They felt amazed as the baby survived when he was born at 9.17am on the day and weighing at 2.98 kilo.

Dr. Eswaran who was hailing from Jitra, Kedah was in about to pursue his studies to become a specialist, but he had to postpone his intention for a month to wait and undergo the operation on Babyneline.

Dr. Eswaran with the lucky family where the former did undergo three cesarean section to deliver the second to fourth babies of the family.

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