Ex-students of UMS-KAL attend their second reunion

PHOTO: The ex-students taking photo on the tower of UMS-KAL campus.

December 13, 2016

LABUAN: Twenty ex-students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus (UMS-KAL) had attended their second reunion in Labuan held on 10th to 11th December.

They were from batch of 1999 comprising ex-students from two faculties in the campus, namely Labuan Faculty of International Finance (formerly known as Labuan School of International Business and Finance) and Faculty of Computing and Informatics (formerly known as Labuan School of Informatics Science).

The chairman for the reunion programme, Rosdy Laambo told that they did set up their WhatsApp group for the reunion since 15th February this year.

“In this programme, we marked two historical moments such as reunion dinner and campus tour.

“During the reunion dinner, we did some activities such as karaoke, lucky draw and group photo and others,” he said, adding that he thanked to all members for the commitments and willingness to take part in the reunion programme.

He recalled that they did plan eight months earlier to attract some 300 participation of the ex-students to join the programme.

“Our aim through this reunion is to make it as a platform for them to gather at UMSKAL to know the development of the two faculties and the ex-students’ personal life developments. Our first reunion is successfully held in 2011,” said Rosdy.

Present were the ex-students’ beloved lecturer, Mdm. Rostinah Supinah, the dean of Labuan Faculty of International Finance, Assoc. Prof. Dr Hanudin Amin and the deputy dean of Research and Innovation, Dr Rizal Hamid.

Dr. Hanudin congratulated everyone for doing well in their respective areas of undertaking where some of the ex-students had managed to become teachers, government servants, successful businessmen and some as senior managers.

He pledged to give his full support should the similar programme to be held again in the future.

While, Rostinah, in her brief speech spoke that the batch of 1999 was the topmost batch at the campus, which was still blossoming in her heart and memory as time passed by.

In the campus tour, all of the ex-students did visit the UMS-KAL campus where the first activity they did was an ice breaker through breakfast and getting to know each other of their development where emotion, memory and experience came into play.

Later, they visited the campus director’s office at 13th floor and the general office of Labuan Faculty of International Finance at the third floor.

The visit was concluded by a group photo session to capture the moments of happiness, fun and friendship during the reunion.

The ex-students in their campus tour.

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