Rozman counter-attacks Lim Kit Siang over Labuan development

13 February 2017

LABUAN – Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli (pic) on yesterday spoke that this island of Labuan had been experiencing two waves of transformation.

He explained that the first wave was when the local born leader who was the chief minister of Sabah then, Tan Sri Harris Salleh developed Labuan and secondly, when this island was declared as Federal Territory back in 1984.

“From a humble 60,000 population in the 70’s, the number is now soaring up 100,000 where Labuan has become an International Business and Financial Centre and a regional logistical hub for oil and gas upstream activities.

“Labuan GDP per capita is RM56,000 compared to national average of RM36,000. While, its GDP growth rate for 2010 to 2015 is over nine percent compared to national average at five percent.

“Today, Labuan has become a major contributor to our national economy,” he said in reply to DAP Leader’s statement, Lim Kit Siang on Saturday.

Lim who was reported in his speech during the Pakatan Harapan Chinese New Year event at Damai, Kota Kinabalu claimed that Labuan today is not even a little ‘ Kangar’ let alone a ‘little Singapore’, as what it was hoped to be 32 years ago when becoming Federal Territory.

The veteran opposition leader claimed further that he concurred with Harris Salleh that the federal government had failed in its promise to make Labuan an economically viable city.

Meanwhile, Rozman who is also the chairman of Labuan Corporation counter-attacked Lim that what Penang has achieved by now has been due to the good governance of Barisan Nasional (BN) government both in federal level and Penang state when it was under BN government then.

“Of course we need the third wave now to develop Labuan and the time is now. A new development blueprint, which is Labuan Development Blueprint (LDB) is being finalized now.

“The federal government through federal ministry and Labuan Corporation and Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and many other ministries will implement the LDP up to year 2030. A big part of the LDP will be implemented through private investment.

“Lim Kit Siang must remember that all these are the great commitment and performance of the BN government,” he said.

Rozman said further that Labuan now have its UMS branch campus, matriculation college, hospital, sport complex, new airport, new ferry terminal sea sport complex, water supply from Sabah through two phases of undersea pipe line.

“We also undergoing the major redevelopment of Dataran Labuan, new Central Market, extensive new roads completed including dual carriageway of Jalan Tun Mustapha and Jalan Kubong.

“Many more government projects in the pipeline as well as in road, health and fishery infrastructures among others. Not forgetting the Financial Park building, major hotels, since the day Labuan was declared as federal territory.

“Therefore, Lim Kit Siang must be fair in making his statement over Labuan Island development. I will make sure the third wave of development will happen soon,” he said.

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