Repsol builds oil platforms in Sabah and Penisular as part of its business expansion

10 February 2017

LABUAN – Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited is investing some RM600 million to build two oil platforms in Sabah and Peninsular waters, as part of the company’s business expansion in Malaysia.

The two offshore production facilities are currently being fabricated by Oceanmight Sdn Bhd (OMSB) at their yard in Kuching.

Farid Jaafar, the Company’s Senior General Manager for Communications, Government and Community Relations said the project has given employment to over 700 contract workers at OMSB in Kuching.

The two facilities will be installed in mid 2017 for the Kinabalu field offshore Sabah waters and 2018 for the PM3 field in Terengganu waters.

Farid shared this update recently after handing over incentives from Repsol to 50 UPSR and PT3 recipients who hail from the fishermen community in Labuan.

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