Editor’s Note: Do we need Tip Of Labuan name to boost our tourism sector here?

16 February 2017

The Tip of Borneo Island or simply known as Tip of Borneo located in the northern part of Sabah at Kudat District is now popular to the tourists from abroad and even among the domestic visitors as one of the must visit places in Sabah.

It is now a destination with beautiful seaside scenery and suitable for tourists to spend their time over there for relaxation.

In Labuan, should we create our own Tip of Labuan Island or simply Tip of Labuan name for destination to boost the tourism industry here in this island?

The Tip of Borneo has become a landmark for Kudat and it does help to boost its tourism industry beside some major events are being held at the location.

It is learnt that the destination centre has helped the economy in Kudat to grow significantly including at its surrounding area and at its nearby district of Matunggong that is well-known for its honey bee products.

We probably have the Tip of Tanjung Kubong here; infact two tips around Tanjung Kubong area in Labuan Island.

Currently, one of the Tips of Tanjung Kubong is linked with the newly developed walking trail that is connecting with Labuan Chimney, which is a historical landmark in Labuan to mark the British Colonial Era here in this island.

But, do we need to dub either one of the Tanjung Kubong Tips as the Tip of Labuan to highlight our tourism destination here?

The walking trail that is developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) with the help of Labuan Corporation has indeed extended another tourism destination in Labuan.

By the way, Tip of Labuan or Tip of Tanjung Kubong…

Perhaps, the time will tell us another popular extension of Labuan destination for tourism here in this island.

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