Editor’s Note: Why it is hard for Labuan to get direct international flight?

3 March 2017

With Labuan Island prestige as a potential island to become giant in terms of economy, why it is hard for Labuan to get at least one or two direct flight for international destination?

If Labuan Island had a direct flight between Labuan-Singapore or Labuan-Hong Kong, it would surely open the door for more opportunities in this island.

Of course, the main sector would first come into our mind would be tourism industry.

Labuan is so rich in terms of history value. We want to sell our history value to the visitors those coming to here.

Vietnam for example is so proud of their history to defeat the American army in war that ended in 1975.

We do not like war, but it is also part of Southeast Asia’s history including Labuan.

Labuan is so significant for the whole of Borneo Island as it is where the Japanese Imperial Army surrendered during the World War II, which ended the Japanese occupation in North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak then.

Not forgetting the fact that, Labuan was the first place in this country to have its railway and not in Taiping, Perak.

Unfortunately, there is no trace of the railway anymore due to the current development.

Besides that, we do have fantastic beaches in Labuan, which included in the 101 Best Beaches.Com Asia.

While not forgetting our surrounding Kuraman, Rusukan Besar, Rusukan Kecil and Papan Islands those would help to boost our tourism sector here.

Indeed, we can sell more for our tourism industry here. We have the capacity and capability.

What else the requirement for us to get approval to have direct flight for international destinations here?

We do have airport with good facility and I believe it could cater for international flights operation.

Labuan Island will never be same once we have commercial international flight here.

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