Touring Labuan Island on a bicycle


October 4, 2016

To explore Labuan by pedalling on a bicycle is another option for the visitors or tourists to enjoy every detail of this island.

All you need to do is to grab a bike and pedaling along the beach in Labuan especially to its dubbed United Nation (UN) Beach, which stretched in 9km from Batu Manikar to Sungai Miri.

The ideal moment is either early in the morning or in the evening to pedal along the beach.

Low tide at Sungai Labu in the UN Beach.

Both moments offer stunning view to the visitors especially those who are first time to set their feet to this duty-free island.

Those intending to do the cycling activity must have sufficient water in a bottle to prevent dehydration on their bodies due to the cycling activity.

But, if you decide to pedal on your bike along the UN Beach, you need not to worry, as you will find some stalls serving foods and drinks along the way.

The stalls in Pohon Batu Beach.

In Pohon Batu, which is one of the stopping points in the beach, the visitors can opt to drink coconut drink to purge their thirst, while enjoying the view of the beautiful beach.

Apart from cycling along the UN Beach, the visitors can also enjoy the stunning view along the coast in Tanjung Aru here especially in the morning during the low tide.

The mangrove view in Tanjung Aru.

The sunlight in the morning will make your ride fun, as you can enjoy the scenery along the journey including the mangrove.

There are some other exciting places to discover on bike in this Labuan Island. 

For those who do not bring their bikes along with them to this island, there are some premises renting out their bicycles to explore this island.

One of them is in Labuan International Ferry Terminal, while some hotels here in this island are also providing such services.

To know further about places of interest in this island, one can visit Labuan Tourist Information Centre, which is located next to Labuan Old Post Office.


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