Editor’s Note: When will the Labuan-Sabah Bridge talk start?

13 March 2017

The minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan in his visit to here in Labuan Island on November last year pledged that the talk on the Labuan-Sabah Bridge Project between the Federal and Sabah state governments would be expected to start on January this year.

He who was in charge of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) promised to bring the matter in the cabinet meeting as his main agenda then.

But, until now, the people of Labuan are still waiting the latest development should there is any talk between both governments of the Federal and Sabah State.

It is learnt that the 14th General Election is just around the corner and it is expected to be held in this year.

Will this issue of Labuan-Sabah Bridge become another breakthrough for Labuan in next five to 10 years?

But, wait a moment, this issue has been clinging among the people of Labuan for many years now and no one has ever really started the project.

Every politician here is ambitious to make the dream comes true. Any one of them will think of it as his major contribution that will be remembered by the people of Labuan in the future.

Unfortunately, it has been only a mere talk until now.

Who will make the dream comes true?

It is a sweet promise for both ruling government and the opposition to raise support from the members of public especially the voters here in this island for each general election is coming.

They promised to the people that the bridge would be built by them once they won in the election.

But, how about the Federal Government? Do they really have any intention to build such dream project?

The leaders come and go, but the dream is still there. The struggle to have such bridge will never stop.

Who will do it? 

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