Labuan International Sea Challenge 2017 on this April 21

14 April 2017

LABUAN – Labuan International Sea Challenge (LISC) 2017 will be held on this April 21 till May 1 at Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.

The spokesperson for the programme told that LISC was organized by Labuan Corporation with the cooperation of government agencies and some associations in Labuan.

“There are five main events in the LISC this year namely, Water Taxi Boat Race (April 22 – 23), Boat Tug of War (April 29 – 30), Round Island Kayak Challenge (April 29), Cross Channel Swimming Challenge (April 30) and Island to Island Fishing Tournament (April 30),” said the spokesperson.

While, other events to be held during the programme were beach football, beach volleyball, battle of the buskers, greasy pole race, colouring contest, sand castle, beach silat, stage performances and others.

LISC had been organized in Labuan since 1996 and it was one of the major events in the island.

Meanwhile, in this year, Labuan Development Foundation (Yayasan Pembangunan Labuan) in conjunction with LISC 2017 would introduce the locally known ‘Parahu Larai’ (sailing boat) that would start its operation on this April 22 at Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.

The fees to ride the sailing boat were RM15 for adult and RM10 for children under 12-years-old where the boat would sail between Labuan International Sea Sport Complex and Papan Island.

For further information on the programme can contact Labuan Corporation at 087-408744/741 or emel to

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