Labuan International School, the overall champion in MSSWPL swimming competition

PHOTO: Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli (centre) is seen with the participants in the end of the tournament.

20 February 2017

LABUAN – Labuan International School (LIS) has emerged as the overall champion in the swimming competition of MSSWPL held recently at the school’s swimming pool.

In secondary school category, LIS bagged 26 gold, 19 silver and 15 bronze medals followed by SM St Anthony (nine gold and a bronze) and SM St Anne (nine gold) for the second and third place each.

While, SJKC Chi Wen became the champion in primary school level, which bagged 10 gold two silver and three bronze medals followed by SK St Anne (eight gold), and LIS (four gold, 10 silver and eight bronze).

A total of 37 records were broken by swimmers this year which were very significant compared to previous years’ competition.

Among the records breakers, Bryan Chin Bao Yang (U18 Boys Category) contributed nine gold medals to SM St Anthony and broke eight records.

One of them is 34.53 seconds in 50 metre backstroke, which broke the nine years old record 35.94s set by Mohd Aedy Junaidi in 2008.

He also broke the record of Chin Zhung Lim (old record 2:23.60s) in 200m freestyle with 2:14.35s.

While, Tan Xue Wen (U18 Girls Category) from LIS broke 7 records.

She set the new record for 50m freestyle with 31.44s, and 100m backstroke with 1.27.75s, broke the old record holder of 34.59s and 1:37.65 set by Michele Ho Tse Yan since 2007.

Both Bryan and Tan are under 18 categories.

In U15 Boys category, Tan Jie Sheng from LIS broke six records.

Among them are 50m butterfly with 32.06s (old record 33.09 set by Mohd Aedy Junaidi since 2007) and 100m freestyle with 1:05.83 (old record 1:07.19 also set by Mohd Aedy Junaidi).

The siblings, Tan Jie Sheng and Tan Xue Wen had contributed nine gold medals each to LIS swimming team.

Another pair of siblings broke 12 records in girls’ categories namely Lee Wei Wen (U12 Girls) and her sister Lee Wei Len (U15 Girls).

Wei Wen broke five records and contributed eight gold medals solely to SKK St Anne.

She broke the 11-year-old records set by Deborah Anne Withers in 50m butterfly with 35.47s (old record 41.98s) and 100m freestyle with 1:12.28 (2006 record 1:20.75).

While, Wei Len broke seven records and individually contributed nine gold medals to SM St Anne.

She broke Tan Xue Wen’s last year record in 200m freestyle with 2:37.34 (2016 record 3:05.00) and Cheong Jia Wen’s in 100m freestyle with 1:09.97 (2013 record 1:20.35).

On the other hand, Darren Chua (15 years old) from Labuan International School has also won its first diving gold medal in the one meter springboard diving event.

In Under 8 Boys category, Lucas Low Ying Ji from LIS broke two records and bagged two gold and one silver medals.

In 50m freestyle, he used 44.22s beat the previous record of 1:12.20 by Syahmi bin Sabdi in 2016.

Nursyaziellah Tsen Sey Jing from SJKC Chi Wen also broke two records and contributed three gold medals to her school.

The Swimming Head Coach, Mr Clement David Leong from LIS was very proud of his swimmers’ achievement compared to last year’s MSSWPL results when he first joined the school.

“After a year of training, my swimmers get to see their improvement and many of them broke the records too.

“As for primary category, we are still in the stage of developing new swimmers and we are on the right track because we have more medal hauls compared to last year,” he said, adding that this year LIS had shown that they are still the powerhouse for secondary school category with improvement in medal tally.

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