Three Lions Clubs engage the youth for the environment

23 April 2017

LABUAN – The Lions Club of Labuan Mandarin, Lions Club of Labuan and Lions Club of Bandar Seri Begawan took part in an initiative to help the environment by inviting members of their Leo Club, children of the Lion members and friends of Lions to a youth outreach recycling program on yesterday at Labuan Recycle Centre.

The project chairperson, Lion Chia Sia Theng told that the event was part of the “Protecting Our Environment Centennial Campaign”, which was a Lions global campaign that focused on improving and protecting the environment.

“There is an urgent need for the local community to take action to protect the environment given the many issues facing our planet such as climate change, deforestation and loss of plant and wildlife.

“The purpose of this project is to raise awareness among the young people to develop skills while emphasizing the role of service towards the community,” he said.

The Leo Club of St. Anne with some 12 youths, 12 children of the Labuan Mandarin members and three children of friends of Lions had been taught on the process of recycling and later experiencing a ‘hands on’ activity segregating and packaging of the recyclables for shipping.

All the participants were then treated to a fellowship lunch at Fishermen Wharf restaurant to receive their certificates of recognition.

“Organizing this project gives the children an opportunity to join other communities around the world in strengthening the global network in addressing the many environmental issues facing our planet.

“We want to create awareness among the youth about caring for the environment,” said Chia further.

The Labuan Recycle Centre is run by volunteers and received the donations from generous donours.

While, the sales proceeds from the centre would be donated to those in need.

The public may drop off their recycled items at the centre every day from 9.30am to 2pm. The centre is welcoming volunteers on every Saturdays to help them segregate and pack these recycled items for shipment.

Special thanks were accorded to Labuan Recycle Manager, Debbie Foo for donating RM1,000 to the Lions House of Love and proceeds from the recyclable sales would be donated to Lions Club of Labuan Mandarin.

Meanwhile, the president of Lions Club of Labuan Mandarin, Jessica Lee extended her thanks to Labuan and KK Sutera Lions and Leo Club of St. Anne for participating and making the joint project meaningful by engaging the youth.

She also thanked to her working committee members and the friends of Lions for supporting the project by allowing their children to participate.

The three Lions clubs hoped the project exemplified their on going commitment towards government efforts in addressing the public in segregation of trash.

To learn more about the event can contact Jessica at 019-8502222.

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