UMS Labuan lecturers share research skills at KML

PHOTO: Among the participants those taking part in the talks.

10 June 2017

LABUAN: Two lecturers from Labuan Faculty of International Finance (FKAL), Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus, namely Assoc. Prof. Dr Hanudin Amin and Dr Rizal Hamid, had recently been delivering their talks at Labuan Matriculation College (KML).

The program director, Chong Pei Yee told that the action research workshop was conducted to introduce action research to participants and how to carry out the research.

“The lecturers involved will prepare their research proposal accordingly and to submit their quality papers in the convention to be held on this October where the convention will be organised by the education ministry,” she said.

Meanwhile, about the workshop, it was conducted in two sessions where the first one was conducted on May 11, while the second one was conducted on June 8 this year.

Dr Hanudin and Dr Rizal gave their talks in both sessions. Dr Hanudin was a dean at the faculty, while Dr Rizal was his deputy dean for the research and innovation.

In the first session, Dr Rizal talked about the definition of action research that captured its objective and some discrepancies between action and basic research.

Dr Rizal did also expound four processes in the research including plan, action, observe and reflect.

While, Dr Hanudin explicated the reflection process, research focus, research objective, target group and the action plan.

He also expounded some procedures with respect to data collection in the research.

In the second session, both lecturers were invited as panellists.

A total of 12 research papers were presented by KML lecturers where five of them were basic research, while the rest were action research. 

Some 175 KML’s lecturers took part in the programme.

Dr Hanudin spoke that all papers those presented in the workshop had their own merits that implied KML had excellent lecturers in generating enhanced research outputs for presentation and publication.

In addition, Dr Rizal believed the works presented were publishable provided some adjustments were being made.

This was the first time where the two lecturers from FKAL were invited to share their research skills with lecturers at KML.

All the participants received their certificates in the end of the programme where they were handed over by Chong.

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