Maybank International Labuan treat their adopted students for Iftar

18 June 2017

LABUAN – Maybank International Labuan had recently hosted an Iftar Night in conjunction with Ramadhan for their 35 adopted students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pantai, Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Taman Perumahan Bedaun, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Rancha-Rancha and Sekolah Menengah St Anthony.

The event was part of its Empowered to Empower (E2E) programme, under Maybank’s flagship Cahaya Kasih volunteerism programme.

The event which was held at a hotel here was hosted by the general manager of Maybank Labuan International (L) Ltd, Khairudin Abdul Rahman together with staffs of Maybank International Labuan.

Apart from enjoying the delicious buffet served during the breaking of fast, the children and Maybank staffs did also perform maghrib prayer together.

“We are be able to spend quality time with the children in this holy month. This initiative is one of our many ways to serve the communities by ensuring that some of their needs are fulfilled before the Hari Raya celebration begins on next week.

“The continuation of the E2E programme into the second year is a result of the success that we have achieved from the previous years where students showed great improvement in their academic performances.

“Apart from producing good academic results by the students, this initiative has also transformed the lives of the children, by increasing their level of confidence, changing their outlooks on life and helping them contribute to their families and communities,” said Khairudin.

Khairudin said further that Maybank International Labuan had expanded its E2E programme to three more schools and 35 additional students this year.

Beneficiaries this year would continue to be supported with revision books as well as programmes for personal development including tuition class.

To ensure sustainability of the programme, some of the beneficiaries from this year will continue to participate in the programme as part of the plan for them to grow and progress with Maybank.

Meanwhile, the children did also receive some special festive gifts in the iftar programme for the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations.

The objective of the E2E programme is to provide empowerment to the students and teachers with the essential knowledge and skills in order to provide better teaching and learning techniques.

It also aims to empower underprivileged students with knowledge, skills and tools to help them achieve better results in their studies by using education as a way out of poverty.

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