Taiwanese tourists arrived at Labuan Aiport today

PHOTO: ROZMAN (left) welcomes the tourists at Labuan Airport.

7 July 2017

LABUAN – A group of tourists from Taipei, Taiwan had arrived at Labuan Airport today on 5.15am on a chartered flight of Malindo Air, Boeing 737-800 which marked its maiden flight to this island from abroad.

The seating capacity of the flight was 160 passengers where the flight departed from Taipei at 1.30am.

Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli was on the airport to welcome the tourists those would spend their five days and four nights stay here in this island.

A travel agent that responsible to bring the Taiwanese tourists to Labuan told that the Malaysian Aviation Commision (MAVCOM) did approve 11 flights for Taipei-Labuan sector from July 7 until this August 13.

The agent told further that if there was positive development in the initiative then the additional request and new applications would be renewed between that period.

Meanwhile, the travel agent offered two types of package to the tourists namely, five days and four nights stay in Labuan, and five days and four nights stay in Brunei and Labuan.

Among the places to be visited by the tourists were museums (marine, history, and chimney), Rusukan Besar Island (kayaking and scuba diving), Papan Island (water sports activities such as jetski, boating – Parahu Larai), UTC and Central Market (shopping), Patau-Patau II (to enjoy local food and experience of the Brunei community life), Peace Park and Surrender Point, and sunset viewing at Manikar Beach.

Beside the tourists from Taiwan, the same travel agent was also expected to bring tourists from the mainland of China (Nanning and Kunming) on this July 15 where they would arrive at Brunei first before reaching Labuan on the next day.

The flight is expected to fly thrice a week to Brunei and the package offered in Labuan is four days and three nights stay.

Meanhwile, the director of Labuan Corporation Arts, Culture and Tourism Department, Mahathir Abdul Hamid told that the event was another tourism milestone for Labuan since the island was being declared as a federal territory back in 1984.

“We wish all the residents of Labuan to cooperate and assist our tourists especially on the cleanliness of the island and making them feel safe throughout their stay in Labuan.

“This will bring fond memories and great experiences for them,” he said.

Labuan Corporation and the ministry of federal territory did encourage all travel agents to bring group of tourists to use the charted flight, as it would enhance Labuan image as well as to leverage the airport international facilities.

Mahathir said further that the authority would further plan and take more actions to stimulate the growth of Labuan tourism industry to be in par with Sabah and Malacca.

Also present to welcome the tourists were the chief executive officer of Labuan Corporation, Azhar Ahmad and some of local leaders here.