Is it ‘abandoned project’ in Labuan?

8 July 2017

LABUAN – Since the agreement involving investment totaling RM30 million was finalized back in June 2013 between the local government and a prominent investor from Brunei to construct a five-storey international standard hotel and textile complex located in front of the abandoned building of Hotel Labuan, the project construction was ‘seemed stopped’.

It was learnt that the investment was expected to enable the island to regain its glory from the 1980’s as the hub of fabric and branded clothes.

Spokesperson for the local government then spoke to the media that they did give the ‘green light’ to the investor to start the construction after the building plan was submitted and necessary requirements fulfilled.

The spokesperson said further that the prime land, leased to the hotel was expected to generate revenue for the local governement and at the same time would help to create employment opportunities to boost economic activities.

According to the plan, the five-storey hotel building would be attached with the fabric complex.

Today, there is no positive sign that the construction is being continued on the location after the agreement is made four years ago.

The local government is yet contacted regarding the delayed project.