Small but serious vandalism element at Labuan Peace Park

9 July 2017

LABUAN – Vandalism element is a threat to the growing tourism industry here in Labuan Island.

A local visitor who was visiting Labuan Peace Park recently told that he discovered a vandalism element in the man-made walls around the park’s walkway.

“It is surprising that some irresponsible persons using spray paint to do some graffiti on the walls with inappropriate words. The vandalized walls showed that peace is still not in the persons’ souls who did the act,” he said, adding that such misbehaviour was committed during the evening and not during the day time.

He said further that during the daytime, the park was under the surveillance of the assigned employees.

“It is hoped that the concerned individuals who committed such act can stop it, while the local authority may take some measures to control such vandalism that can affect the tourism image here in Labuan.

“It might look small, but without any action, it can become more serious in the future,” he said.

Peace Park or ‘Taman Damai’ as called by the local folks in Labuan was built by the Japanese Government next to the Surrender Point to show that they were genuinely sorry for the trouble caused by their forefathers.

The Peace Park pays tribute to the ones who have sacrificed their lives in Borneo during WWII.

It is also a memento of friendship between Malaysia and Japan, and a promise of peace and harmony for all mankind that such war-like cruelty will not happen again in the future.

The Peace Park was heavily funded by the Japan Shipbuilding Industry Foundation, chaired by Ryoishi Sasagawa, as well as by families of the dead and comrades in arm from some industrial firms.

On April 14, 1984, Mitsunori Ueki of the South Pacific Memorial Association Incorporation in Japan handed over the Peace Park in a ceremony to the Sabah Chief Minister then, Datuk Harris Salleh.

Until today, the funding still comes in abundantly from Japan to keep the Peace Park in good shape.

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