Stray Free Labuan meets St Anthony students

PHOTO: SFL volunteers are seen with the SM St. Anthony school teachers and students during the programme at the school.

5 August 2017

LABUAN – The volunteers from Stray Free Labuan (SFL) met the students of SM St Anthony Labuan during the school assembly recently.

The spokesperson of SFL, Laura Ahearn told that it was a privilege for them to talk with the students about why there were unwanted and homeless animals, and what could be done to help them.

“We explained to the students the many reasons why pet owners should vaccinate, spay and neuter their animals. For example, neutered animals live longer, have lower risk of cancers and tumors, and are less likely to roam or fight.

“We also addressed how difficult if not impossible it is for pet owners to get this care for their animals, as the single veterinary clinic in Labuan is only open, at most, five hours per day Monday through Friday when people must report to work or run their businesses,” she said.

She said further that the students learned that it took only two months of pregnancy for a cat or dog to deliver a litter of kittens or puppies.

“The students also learned that there is currently a two-month waiting list to have an animal spayed, meaning that if that animal gets pregnant now, in two months it will be having a litter of multiple new animals rather than surgery.

“Those new animals can get pregnant just a few months later, in turn having litters of multiple kittens or puppies – which the maths students understood as an “exponential function” of multiplication, and something that we should stop by spaying and neutering,” she said, adding that the students heard about the many ways they could help animals, such as by asking their families to foster or adopt a homeless animal.

During the talk, the students had the opportunity to meet Bella, a wee baby kitten that was rescued in about two weeks ago, skinny, injured and motherless.

After time, care and love in a foster home, Bella is now healthy and chubby and ready for her fur-ever family.

A gallery of photos and information on homeless animals available for adoption can be found at

After opening with a cheer for the animal-loving St Anthony students, the assembly closed with a fun quiz on some of the facts raised in the animal welfare presentation.

STRAY FREE LABUAN is a registered, non-profit, all-volunteer society. SFL relies entirely on donations from the public.

During its first annual year of operations ending 30 June 2017, Stray Free Labuan rescued or fostered 60 animals, found homes for 18 animals, and spayed or neutered 10 strays.

Stray Free Labuan invites all animal-lovers to become volunteers or foster carers, and to join our mission as formal members of the society.

The public can learn more about SFL’s programs and goals at the Stray Free Labuan Facebook page.

For further information, please contact SFL volunteer Laura Ahearn, 019 9500 490 or

St Anthony students cuddling baby kitten Bella.

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