Do we need a Zoo in Labuan?

6 September 2017

Talking about tourist attraction sites in Labuan Island, we must realise that we still lack of a site that the local can visit during the weekends, as most of us here in Labuan already know and familiar about our available tourist sites excluding the surround islands such as Kuraman, Papan, Rusukan Besar and Rusukan Kecil.

Apart from trying to entice the foreigners to come to Labuan, we should not forget about the locals in the island, as they need something worthy – a place, where they can spend their time with their respective family especially during the weekends in Labuan.

We might have our own Bird Park located next to Labuan Chimney at Bukit Kubong, but a zoo is still appropriate in Labuan not only for tourism purpose, but for educational site too.

Some of us might say, why not just go to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park at Sabah to enjoy the wildlife. Yes, you got the point, but at least a mini zoo can be considered here in Labuan.

A local in the island once said that, “Our children have least options for them to visit with their parents in Labuan in the weekends”.

Labuan is a tiny island with some potentials awaiting to be developed.

In the aftermath of the declining of the oil and gas industry here in this island, the local government is trying to divert their focus to boost the tourism industry and to make this island as an education hub in the region.

Therefore, a zoo or a mini zoo can be a list for consideration to be developed in Labuan for our children and future generation.

At least, those who are unable to travel to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park with their family, what else to Zoo Negara, they can do so here in Labuan.

Photo: pexels

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