Persatuan Akuatik Labuan won in third place

PHOTO: AMONG the participants in the tournament held at Labuan International School.

6 November 2017

LABUAN – Labuan Member of Parliament, Datuk Rozman Isli said that Labuan Corporation would continue to support Labuan International Swimming Championship and hoped that the corporate sectors would give full support to boost the event as part of sports tourism in Labuan.

He noted that this 2nd Labuan International Swimming Championship had attracted 15 teams and 260 swimmers from Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Indonesia, Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei to Labuan International School TSI Swimming Pool on 4 and 5 November 2017.

“On behalf of Perbadanan Labuan, as one of the gold sponsors, I congratulate Persatuan Akuatik Labuan (PAL) for successfully organized this championship,” he said who was impressed on the international event and suggested that the event to be included in Labuan Event 2018.

He also hoped that the Tourism Department of Labuan Corporation would jointly organise the event for next year.

Meanwhile, the results for the best individual swimmers were as follows:

Group 5 Boy age 8: Muhammad Dhuhaz (Ikan Bilis Swimming Club – KL) – five gold and three records.

Group 5 Girl age 8: Annabelle Frederic (Persatuan Renang Penampang – PREPS) – five gold, a silver and three records.

Group 4 Boy age 10: Chong Cheng Samuel (PJMS Aquatic Swimming Club Sandakan) – nine gold and five records.

Group 4 Girl age 9: Ni Putu Pande Lisa Primasari (Takahide Swimming Centre, Indonesia) – seven gold, two silver and five records.

Group 3 Boy age 12: Arhadin Prome (Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Sabah) – six gold and four records.

Group 3 Girl age 12- lee wei Len (Persatuan Akuatik Labuan) – four gold, three silver, a bronze and two records.

Group 2 Boy age 14: Galang Indra Suranto (Takahide Swimming Centre Indonesia) – four gold, a silver, two Bronze and two records.

Group 2 Girl age 14: Cheng Ka Man (Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Sabah) – three gold, two silver, three records.

Group 1 Boy age 15: Bryan chin Bao yang (persatuan Akuatik labuan) – four gold, a silver, a bronze and a record.

Group 1 Girl age 15: Ilyani Shairah Mohamad (Persatuan Renang Penampang – PREPS) – five gold, four silver and two records.

Persatuan Renang Penampang emerged as the overall champion with 22 gold, 29 silver and 15 bronze.

In second place bagged by PJMS swimming club (Sandakan) with 18 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze.

While, in third was captured by the host, Persatuan Akuatik Labuan with medal tally of 14 gold, 15 silver and nine bronze.

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