Both Special Olympics Labuan Football Team enters into final

PHOTO: LABUAN unified team (black and green shirts) taking photo with their opponent, Unified Brunei A in final.

20 November 2017

LABUAN – Special Olympics Labuan (SOL) had recently sent two football teams for the 1st Unified Borneo Cup and 10th Borneo Cup in Brunei Darussalam.

The sport director for SOL, Johnson Wong told that both teams did manage to enter into final stage, but unfortunately lost to their opponents in final.

“In semifinals, Special Olympics Labuan Unified team defeated Brunei B, 3-0 but lost against Unified Brunei A, 0-3 for the 1st Unified Borneo Cup.

“While, our other team, managed to beat Sarawak, 2-0 and also lost to Brunei A, 0-1 for the 10th Borneo Cup,” he said, adding that some Labuan players endured injuries during the tournaments.

Among the teams taking part in the tournaments were Brunei A and B, Sarawak, Sabah, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and Labuan.

Special Olympics Labuan Unified Team was led by coach Nelson Wong, while the Special Olympics Labuan led by Mohd Azhar Kasiman.

In the unified team, it consists five special athletes and three unified partners below 21-year-old and in special olympics the team consists eight special athletes.

Labuan SOL team (black and red shirt) in the final against Brunei A before the match.

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