Dr Hanudin shares his PhD experience to local residents in Labuan

9 April 2018

LABUAN: A lecturer from Labuan Faculty of International Finance (FKAL), Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus, Associate Prof. Dr. Hanudin Amin recently delivered his talk about “PhD & Academic Success” to local residents here.

This talk was held in conjunction with the Karnival Pendidikan Tinggi Negara held in Labuan Financial Park.

To be specific, Dr Hanudin asserted that education will make oneself as an asset and not liability.

“Attitude, intrinsic power and golden rule are instrumental in determining one success in academic.

“The impacts of attitude, intrinsic power and golden rule, however, are more appealing should one embrace both God-loving and God-fearing elements (2Gs) in his or her academic journey.

“Youngsters are expected to grasp educational opportunities to improve career advancement and personal quality,” he said.

He expounded that attitude is a powerful measure and is of instrumental to determine the success and the failure of PhD journey.

He showed to public mathematically about the term “attitude” that makes up 100, given by A=1, T=20, T=20, I=9, T=20, U=21, D=4, E=5.

He termed attitude as the way of thinking to achieve a better outcome for certain benefits of tasks or activities.

As such, he presaged attitude as sick-up, drawn from the translation of the former to Malay language that is ‘sikap’ – shared the same pronunciation of the latter.

Likewise, PhD studies require a holistic and comprehensive journey for a masterpiece.

As intrinsic power implies, one should come up with a cogent ambition to reach something in this life, in return.

Time, energy, money, effort and 2Gs govern the success and the failure.

He believed that individuals had no magical power like a man-made hero but had the ability to cultivate the elements of good values, which was overtly a “magical power” that impacted their patterns of thinking to stimulate positive actions.

He also shared some experiences pertinent to “golden rule”.

In his thoughtful mind, one would gain respect by being respectful to others and this notion extends to one’s rapport with teachers, supervisors and fellow friends, among others.

This also made a PhD journey a success.

He concluded the talk with a quote that says “a glory belongs to everyone”, which was based on one’s desire that determined the academic acumen that signals the limbs to act positively.

The talk began at 11.30 am and ended at 12 noon with a big round of applause by local folks.

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