Filipino plunged into sea to escape from Labuan police

PHOTO: The syabu confiscated from the store keeper.

April 20, 2018

LABUAN – A 49-year-old Filipino was detained by the police for possesing syabu weighing 51.14 gram on April 17.

Labuan Police Chief, Superintendent Muhamad Farid Ahmad on yesterday told that the man who had no valid document was on a boat to reach a jetty at the town when the police came around 11.30am.    

“When the suspect reached the jetty and walking towards the car park, the police raided the man. The suspect who learned the police presence did throw something on a land and tried to escape by diving into the water.

“However, we managed to arrest the suspect. We did check the thing that the suspect threw earlier where it was a translucent plastic containing syabu worth RM5,000.

“While, his urine test was positive in consuming the drug,” he said, adding that the suspect who was staying at Kampung Baru Muslim was remanded for a week started from April 18 and would be investigated under Section 39B and Section 15 (1) (a) Dangerous Drug Act 1952.

In a separate case on April 18 around 12.55 pm, a 31-year-old local man was arrested on the road side in an industrial area here for being suspected involving in drug selling.

“The man who worked as a storekeeper himself showed the police where he hid the syabu inside a cigarette box at the gate. After questioning the suspect further, he then told the police the shipping container where he used to rest.

“Inside the container, the police found some 16 packets of translucent plastic containing syabu being inserted inside the mattress. The suspect then brought to the police station with the confiscated drugs.  

“The suspect did admit that all the drugs were his,” he said, adding that another 31-year-old local man was detained on the same day at 3.40pm in front of a clinic at Rancha-Rancha here,” he said, adding that the suspect was also brought to the police station and tested positive in consuming drug.

The total syabu confiscated from the storekeeper was 112.2 gram, valued at RM12,500.

Both of the store keeper and the suspect arrested in front of the clinic were remanded for a week until this April 25.

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