Two Labuan arm wrestlers won in first place

PHOTO: The contenders from Labuan Arm Wrestling Association.

April 26, 2018

LABUAN – Seven participants from Labuan Arm Wrestling Association had recently participated in the Open Arm Wrestling Tournament in Brunei Darussalam.

Among the participants were Affizan Amat, Affendi Amat, Mohd Ghadaffi Fairuz, Azzizul Jabad, Shamsul Samun, Jolly Johnson and Joeffy Jolly.

Jolly and Joeffy had respectively won in first place under 75kg and over 75kg categories.

Joeffy had also won in second place for left hand open category.

While, the other contenders from Labuan had shown their best to win in fifth to eighth ranks in the categories they took part.

Three states in this country, namely Labuan, Sabah and Selangor joined in the tournament besides Brunei and Indonesia.

A spokesperson for Labuan team told that the results were encouraging for the association and also for Labuan, while expressed his thanks to Labuan Sport Council (MSL) and Labuan Youth and Sports Department for their support.

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