Fire and rescue personnel saved teenage boy in Lajau

PHOTO: Both of the fire and rescue personnel are seen rescuing the victim.

April 28, 2018

LABUAN – Two Labuan fire and rescue personnel had managed to rescue a teenage boy at Kampung Lajau here on 3.24 am today.

A spokesperson for the department told that the unidentified teenager was semi-conscious and suffered cuts in his face and right shoulder.

“It is learnt that the victim was riding his motorcycle in high speed and did not manage to avoid the collision with the motorcycle in front of him. Due to the collision, the victim fell and injured.

“The victim was later sent to Labuan Hospital by ambulance for further treatment,” he said, adding that the victim did not bring any of his document.

Both of the personnel gave their first aid by correcting the victim’s tongue position that was holding him from breathing normally.

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