Fire broke out in stationery shop at Labuan town

June 11, 2018

LABUAN – The members of public here were shocked when a fire broke out at a stationery shop located in commercial centre at Jalan Tun Mustapha this afternoon.

The director of Labuan Fire and Rescue Department, Jainal@Zainal Madasin told that they received the distress call to inform about the incident at 1.44 pm.

“Two of the shop employees managed to escape during the incident where the shop is located at the ground floor of the three-storey building.

“Another seven victims those who were tenants and staying on the first or second floor of the building were trapped as the stairs inside the building were covered with thick smoke due to the fire.

“However, all of them managed to rescue themselves after they climbed towards the rooftop of the building and then using the ladder of a supermarket at the same building to go to the ground,” he said.

Meanwhile, there were other victims those were still trapped inside the building which prompted the fire and rescue personnel to rescue them by going up to the rooftop to reach them.

“My personnel managed to bring down three children to the ground safely, while the other victims were going down by using the ladder, whilst being watched closely by my personnel,” he said, adding that his personnel were experiencing challenges to counterattack the fire initially due to the thick smoke where the fire spread rapidly because of the inflammable materials inside the shop.

The was no injury reported in this incident.

The fire and rescue team managed to control the fire at 3.05 pm where the cause of the fire and total loss were still being investigated.

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