Labuan Walk can be a ground for street arts

September 13, 2018

After the construction is being completed few years ago, Labuan Walk that is located between the buildings of Labuan Corporation and Labuan Museum is now looked dull and underutilised.

It is only being utilised during the weekends for Pasar Tani and also during the fasting month of Ramadhan for Ramadhan Bazaar.

A source told that the purpose of Labuan Walk being built then was to provide a place for artists here to showcase and sale their arts or masterpieces.

It is never too late to rejuvenate the idea to make the place as a ground for arts in Labuan.

There are many artists as well as art lovers in Labuan. They need a place for them to display their works. Labuan Walk is the right place for such purpose.

At night, Labuan Walk seemed empty with only the lights around the place to make it bright.

All efforts must be done to recover this island from the slump of the oil and gas industry where tourism is still the appealing idea as an alternative for this island to revive its economy.

Labuan can learn from other places to make Labuan Walk vibrant during the day and night where many visitors will come to see and buy some of the displayed products in the area.

Labuan Walk could be turned into one of the tourism products in Labuan. It could attract other artists as well as art lovers from outside Labuan to come to this island.

To support the small businesses is still very important in Labuan. Labuan Walk could play the role for such purpose.

There is a monthly event organised by a non-governmental organisation at Taman Muhibbah here to encourage the local artists to showcase their arts.

The event is looked positive with some artists from Sabah are joining in the event.

For every year, many artists primarily around Borneo are also coming to Labuan to join the annual event of Borneo Arts Festival.

But the two event above only happened each by monthly and annually.  

Labuan Walk could be a centre for artists and art lovers to gather on daily basis. This is the thing that could be considered by the local authority here to make the town more vibrant and attractive for visitors those coming to Labuan.     

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