Pirate vehicles operating freely next to Labuan Corporation Tower

October 2, 2018

LABUAN – The authorities in Labuan are being urged to monitor the operation of pirate vehicles those operating freely on daily basis next to the building of Labuan Corporation Tower here.

They are still seen operating around the place despite the action taken against them before.

“Their activities in the area are causing some problems in the area, as the place is not meant for you to park your car to wait and pick up passengers. Even, the public transports here have their own place to park and pick up their passengers at UTC Labuan.

“I do hope the authorities will do something to curb the pirate vehicles operation in the area. Indeed, they are misusing the parking lot. The parking should be used by those who want to park their vehicles and not for doing such business,” said a member of public to Labuan Times today.

The presence of the pirate vehicles are also causing traffic nuisance in the area.

On last year, some pirate vehicles had been seized by the authorities here for doing their operation around the place.

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