Labuan Port might be retendered soon

January 8, 2019

LABUAN – The management of Labuan Port might be restructured and turned into government-linked company soon.

Speaking to Labuan Times, the chairman of Labuan Corporation, Datuk Seri Amir Hussein told that the original plan of the government was to put Labuan Port under the management of Labuan Corporation.

Amir Hussein

“We do see that the business activities in our port can be a contributor for Labuan Corporation in terms of revenue.

“Therefore, we will contact the transport ministry to inquire about the plan to retender the port to be managed by qualified operators either from Peninsula, Sabah or Sarawak.

“Before the election on last year, there is already a new tender comes out for the privatization of the port, and it is almost being awarded to another company under a political party (now opposition) from Peninsula. It is a blessing to the new government, as the award has been cancelled,” he said after an event to appreciate two local heroes in a hotel here on last night.

Currently, Labuan Port was managed by Labuan Liberty Port Management Sdn. Bhd, a tender that the company held for years since the previous administration.

Amir said further that he had met with the present management of Labuan Port on yesterday morning to look into several matters and discussing problems with them.

“The present management has to renew their contract for each month to manage the port and we are also looking into the bottlenecks in the port.

“We will propose to the ministry to put Labuan Port under the administration of Labuan Corporation,” he said, while hoping that there would be a concrete decision from the ministry about the management of Labuan Port.

Meanwhile, Amir explained that by looking into the current situation of Labuan economy, the government should give Labuan chance to make its port as a hub to help the island for its economic growth just like when it was well-known as a Victoria Port during the British Era.

“During the British Era, Victoria Port is a very strategic and important in Borneo. We do plan to revive the glory. Plus, Labuan is a duty-free island and a financial centre in this region, which is easier for the people to do transactions.

In another new development for the administration in this island, Amir told that the federal territory ministry had decided to create four main zones to be represented by each political party comprising Amanah, PKR, DAP and Warisan.

There will be subzones for each main zones.

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