TankQ.my listed in Malaysia Book of Records

March 24, 2019

KUALA LUMPUR – TankQ.my has etched its name in the ‘Malaysia Book of Records’ as the first to offer a ‘Portable Resilient Tank’ which is Malaysia’s first portable, durable and affordable aquarium for homes and offices.

Young entrepreneur John Wong who owns TankQ, took the bold step of venturing into providing aquariums with laminated-tempered glass, which is not easily breakable.

He saw the aquarium as a speciality item, which despite being a little more pricey, it was more durable and could withstand for a couple years more than any other regular aquarium available in the market.

Wong spent the initial years gaining knowledge on the industry, care, maintenance and costs involved before deciding to venture into his own business, about 10 years ago.

The man behind TankQ.my is also offering enthusiasts free units of the other products namely, the Reef Tanks – provided they engage his services.

Probably the first of its kind in Asia, TankQ.my will offer complimentary aquariums with an easy-to-pay and affordable scheme.

“All they need to do is secure our affordable scheme and leave the rest to us. Our reef tanks come complete with fish, sand, corals, piping, protein skimmer, chiller, nitrate reactor and installation.”

Wong said a basic reef tank could incur an estimated RM1,800 a month in maintenance fees.

Already in the pipeline is his ambitious project – building a public aquarium, much like the one in Zoo Negara, within five years.

Interested investors are welcome to contact him. More details at https://tankq.my/. -Bernama

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