Riding on bike to enjoy Labuan’s hidden beauty

June 28, 2018

Cycling is probably the best way to enjoy the beauty of Labuan Island in detail.

As you pedalling your bike, which is slower in pace, you will notice some of the hidden beauty of the island where you probably missed them out if you were riding on a vehicle.

There are some spots around the island which is worth to be discovered on bike.

By the way, biking activity is just an option, as it is an arduous activity which is consuming your energy a lot.

But, why not if biking is your interest and you have ample time to spend in Labuan.

For me, the best moment to cycling is early in the morning where I prefer to cycling from the town heading to Sungai Miri beach via Layang-Layangan road.

It is paid off when you reach Layang-Layangan heading to Sungai Miri, as the scenery along the beach is stunning.

You may stopped by in a point around Sungai Lada or Sungai Labu before reaching Sungai Miri to enjoy the view of the beach in the morning. Indeed, it is a moment of solitude!

If you want to reach Sungai Miri, there is a food outlet over there for you treat yourself.

In the weekends, there are also some cyclists will stop by at the food outlet for meals, while resting before continuing their cycling activity.

For me, after having my meal, I would pedal my bike further to Kiamsam before heading to Kampung Bebuloh to return back to the town through the road of Labuan Hospital.

Another option is you can ride your bike to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coast of Tanjung Aru and also to Batu Manikar Beach.

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