My story on Rusukan Besar Island

June 29, 2018

Labuan Island is being surrounded by another few smaller islands such as Papan Island, Daat Island, Kuraman Island, Rusukan Besar Island, Rusukan Kecil Island and other much smaller ones.

I have visited Papan Island once and few times to both Kuraman and Rusukan Besar Islands where my last visit was to Rusukan Besar Island back in November 2016.

Previously, I have been to this island where it is yet developed as an island-based tourism and there is no even a proper jetty for incoming boats.

But, it is much different during in my next visit where there is already a proper jetty being constructed.

Some facilities for the visitors are also being properly built, as the island is already being developed for tourism purpose.

Due to the development, the island is much more attractive for tourists than before.

In about 20 to 30 minutes boat ride, you can reach Rusukan Besar Island from Labuan Marina.

I was riding a boat owned by Labuan Marine Park Department then. 

There are many activities that can be done in the island that is located not far from the nearby Kuraman and Rusukan Kecil Islands.

As a guest under Labuan Marine Park Department, I took part in the activities organised by both the department and Emma Glorious Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd, a company that run the island as a tourist destination.

Well, one of the activities I did join was snorkelling. The coral reefs in the island are simply amazing!

A friend of mine who used to scuba dive in the island later claimed and told me after the visit that the colour of the coral reefs in the island were not as bright and vivid as before.

By the way, I truly enjoyed the underwater scenery in Rusukan Besar Island.

Meanwhile, the island is also being turned into a centre for turtle hatchery to conserve the turtles where it is a joint project between Labuan Marine Park Department and Petronas Carigali.

I did first come to this island as a journalist then where the baby turtles were released from the hatchery to the sea.

Thanks to both Labuan Marine Park Department and Emma Glorious Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd for the treatment during the one-day visit to the island.

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