KK City should be more stroller-friendly

April 10, 2019

The bustling city of Kota Kinabalu (KK) that is getting more vibrant and popular among the tourists from other countries is probably needed more attention from the local government or authority especially in how to make it stroller-friendly city.

It is based on someone’s experience who was carrying their baby on a stroller around KK City, and who would love the local government to do small improvement by creating more convenient sidewalks and streets around the city to push the stroller.

“Of course, there are some parts in the city, which are convenient for those pushing their babies on strollers such as around Gaya Street, but it should be extended to other parts of the city too.

“This is important for our city’s image as well as for the tourists those coming to visit KK with their babies on strollers,’ said the parent, adding that tourism was a very important industry for the state.  

The parent recalled their ‘rough experience’ while bringing their baby on stroller around the city: what they had gone through undeniably would be experienced by the tourists those visiting the city with their babies.

Furthermore, the parent said that there were some malls in city were also not stroller-friendly.

“We want the tourists especially with those carrying their babies with them to leave our city with good thought. Some of them will probably write something about our city whether good or bad depending on their experiences.

“For those coming from western countries, they will write in details about their experiences on the cities they visited. Some of them even write whether the city is stroller-friendly, kid-friendly, baby-friendly and others,” added the parent.   

Therefore, the parent hoped that with the rapid development in KK, the local government would not forget to create the environment for the convenience of the parents those pushing strollers around the city just like what the government did for the cyclists and other group of people. 

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