Better stalls needed in Labuan

June 13, 2019

Despite all the major ideas, dreams and plans to develop Labuan as laid out by the current local leaders, one should never forget to look into the smaller things those are equally significant to grow the local businesses and economy.

When you wander around the town and to some areas in Labuan Island, you will notice some simple wooden stalls those are probably needed some ‘maintenance’.

Those kind of simple yet too simple stalls are built by the appointed contractors for those running small businesses to sell foods, water in bottles and other stuffs.

The stalls are meant for temporary operation; and would be disposed when the time is come.

In line with the present administration’s aspiration to beautify this island for its tourism industry, these kind of stalls are probably needed to be upgraded better stalls are a must-option to be constructed for the small traders to run their daily business activities.

Better and nice-looking stalls should replace the too simple, low-budget and unattractive wooden stalls for the tourists those are expected to come more and more to Labuan Island according to the plan announced by the current administration.   

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